Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Day 2 at MCM London Comic Con.

After spending our first day at MCM London Comic Con finding our bearings, doing a little window shopping and hunting down Game of Thrones cosplayers, day two was a day of pure Disney delight! I wore my Megara cosplay, and it was so much fun sashaying around channeling her character. I had some really lovely comments, and spent the day connecting with other Disney cosplayers and fans. There were so many fantastic costumes, especially at the Disney meetup that took place that afternoon. The most magical moment was at the end of the meetup, when a Kit cosplayer led his Cinderella to the front of the crowd and proposed! It was the most magical way to pop the question.

My favourite costumes of the day were the other Hercules cosplayers I encountered. There was a couple cosplaying Hercules and Megara, and the Meg was kind enough to share her Hercules with me for a few photos! There were also a few Femme Hades' wandering around, including the one pictured below with the most amazing wig - I was in awe! Other favourites included a beautiful Esmerelda and a girl who'd created Margaery's wedding dress from Game of Thrones (not Disney, but still amazing!).

Of course, there was also shopping to be done! Now that I had a better idea of what was around I picked up a few goodies, including a bento box, some cute stationary, an alpaca plush keyring and an 'Eat Me' ring, all of which will be featured in my May favourites post! The area surrounding the Tofu Cute stall had to be my favourite spot on the convention floor. It was pink pastel dream! Even the staff members looked the part, decked out in incredible headdresses and accessories. I could have spent all day there eating and people watching!

The cherry on top of a great day was meeting a handful of people who recognised me from my blog and/or cosplays. It absolutely makes me day when it happens as I love meeting my readers in person, and as it happened a few times it left me on a real high. The internet can sometimes feel a bit lonely and isolating, so putting real faces, smiles and voices to the names and words on the screens is truly wonderful.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Day 1 at MCM London Comic Con.

I attended my first MCM London Comic Con last October, and we had such a great time that we returned this weekend for the spring expo! With a new convention came two new cosplays; my Megara cosplay, and my newly finished Margaery from Game of Thrones. Friday was our first day, and since it tends to be the quietest day I decided to take Margaery out on a test run.

For those who aren't familiar, MCM London Comic Con is a massive pop culture event where tens of thousands of people come together to celebrate the things they love, get information on new games and films, and shop from hundreds of indie brands and illustrators (along with a few bigger names!). However, what I love most is the cosplay. At events like MCM you never feel out of place in a costume! Not only is it wonderful simply spotting cosplays on the convention floor, but there are also meetups and 'masquerades' where people can take their work on stage and compete for prizes. I'm not quite at that point yet, but I feel like my costumes have already improved a fair bit since my last convention!

Being Margaery for the day was so much fun, although Game of Thrones cosplayers were scarce on the Friday since most were coming out for a big Game of Thrones meetup on Saturday. Nonetheless, I love her dress so much. The skirt swishes beautifully, and I felt so elegant and I wandered about! I received some lovely compliments, and even bumped into a few blog readers!

Since it was quite quiet on the first day we spent a lot of it simply meandering the halls, getting our bearings and deciding which souvenirs we'd be picking up! My favourite booths were Tofu Cute, Dreamy Bows, Glitterbomb and Cherry Abuku, all of which were delightfully pastel and cute! We tried not to do too much shopping, excluding some (very necessary!) Japanese sweets and some beautiful mermaid prints from Kavon Illustration that I'm going to be framing and hanging in our bathroom when we move! Last year I didn't really think to visit any illustrator stalls, however it was one of the highlights of our first day. It was quiet enough to really take our time, and there was so much talent in such a small area. We took note of a few different names for possible future commissions, and had to resist buying prints from all of them! Whilst doing some browsing, we also bumped in Jayne from Jayne Kitsch and she was every bit as beautiful and lovely as I'd always assumed!

As I've mentioned, cosplay is my favourite things about conventions! It seemed most Game of Thrones cosplayers were saving their costumes for a big meetup on Saturday (which I couldn't attend as it clashed with the Disney meet!), however I was still lucky enough to meet a handful of them! The fact that there were so few of us made it all the more special when we did meet. There were a couple of Danys, Cerseis and Oberyns, and I also found a female Jon Snow. We did spot a Khal Drogo from a distance, however fittingly enough he looked too intimidating to approach for a photo! Naturally I'm kicking myself for my cowardice now...

I have two more of these comic con posts lined up for you, so stay tuned! The past couple of days have been so wonderful that they've rivaled the magic of a Disney holiday, and we still have one day to go. If you're at MCM tomorrow, make sure to say hello!