Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Seasonal Lush Haul.

As you may or may not know, last week saw the launch of Lush's seasonal Halloween and Christmas collections and given that I spend five days a week around these gorgeous products I couldn't resist treating myself. If you are a bit of a scrooge, proceed with an open mind! Yes, it may feel a little early to be indulging in a Christmas bath bomb, however the beauty is that if you discover one you love now then you still have three months (of quite-probably dreary weather) to enjoy and stock up before they disappear from the shelves. Admittedly, there are some that smell more traditionally Christmassy than others, with clove, cinnamon, and that brand of warming, spicy fragrance, so for now I've veered towards the more fun, fresh scents. All in the name of research, right?

We don't have all of the Christmas products in our store yet, and this little shop was quite a last minute, rushed one with lots of different things going in and out of my basket. These are the goodies that made it to the till - I'm sure I'll be doing another haul in good time, as there's still plenty I want to try! For the time being, here's a little about each of the products I picked up...

Butterbear Bath Bomb - As a Butterball fan, this is one of my Christmas bath staples. Butterbear is not only adorable, but he's also packed with cocoa butter that melts into the bath water and leaves your skin feeling sweet and pampered.
Snow Angel Bath Melt - Another product I've used in the past! Last December I treated myself to this glittery delight the night before my birthday. It's another product that's packed with cocoa butter, but instead of fizzing this one melts into a blanket of shimmering white foam.
Salt and Peppermint Bark - The scent of this solid body scrub reminds me of Maypole soap, one of my new Lush favourites. It's sweet and refreshing, leaving a lovely softness to the skin. I particularly love this one followed up with Snow Fairy...
Yog Nog Bath Bomb - This is the one more overtly festive smelling products I picked up. I adore Yog Nog soap, hence I was so excited when I heard about this bomb! It smells like heavenly creme brulee, and has massive chunks of shea butter inside that melt into the water. I bought two, and used one as soon as I got home! I could still smell it on my skin and in the bathroom the next day.
Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb - Lord of Misrule is a scent that has slowly grown on me since starting to work at Lush, and now I totally uunderstand the hype! The heady combination of patchouli, black pepper and vanilla is mystifying, and that's coming from someone who doesn't typically like patchouli. Lord of Misrule is part of the Halloween range, so make sure to try it before the end of October!
Dashing Santa Bath Bomb - This bomb is a little cutie. What I liked about him was that the scent was quite subtle, perfect for days when I'm feeling a bit weary and want a light, refreshing bath. The scent is very delicate, with lots of citrus and bergamot.
So White Bath Bomb - I'd used So White shower gel before, but never the bomb, however I used it last night with the Santa's Belly jelly and it was absolutely amazing. The crisp apple scent is simply delicious, and definitely made me feel like Snow White.
Celebrate Body Lotion - I'd heard other people speaking highly of this body lotion, but I hadn't tried it myself until last week. In a matter of days it's become my favourite body lotion! In the pot it doesn't smell like much, but get it on your skin and it's magic. With plenty of citrus and cognac oil it smells like a sparkly Christmas party. I can't wait to use it with First Snow dusting powder!
Santa's Belly Shower Jelly - This new shower jelly has the same scent as So White, making the fact that we didn't get the shower gel this year a little less heartbreaking! The crisp apple juice is complimented by vegan red wine that makes this a gorgeous, indulgent treat.
Snowman Shower Jelly - The Snowman jelly has a stangely nostalgic, sweet scent. He's full of buchu, Sicilian lemon and bergamot, amd feels super soft on your skin. I almost didn't pick him up, but I'm so glad I did!
Snow Fairy Shower Gel - I have a complicated relationship with Snow Fairy. I adored it until a few years ago when I bought enough to use it all year round, and a little of the sparkle was lost of me. I still love the candyfloss scent, but it doesn't scream 'Christmas is coming!!' to me the way it used to. Nonetheless, it's a classic, and it will always have a place in my heart. This year it's self preserving too!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Tale As Old As Time: My Belle Cosplay WIP.

I recently discussed on Twitter that I've been feeling a little disenchanted with my blog lately. I haven't had the passion and excitement for personal style posts and the type of content that this blog was built on, and that has been something I've found tricky to come to terms with. As much as I believe we should blog for ourselves, I also want to share content that you, the reader, will find engaging. I owe any blogging success I've had to the people who have read and supported Briar Rose, and it's really important to me that I involve you all in any changes.

Before continuing, I should clarify, I'm not saying I willl never share personal style content again. As and when it feels right to me I will certainly share any outfit photos I take, however for now I want to start sharing content surrounding a subject that I have been feeling incredibly excited and passionate about; cosplay. It's not like I've kept my love of cosplay a secret on social media, or even in past blog posts, however it always felt like something extra on the side. The truth is, now that I'm working five days a week (hence being limited to wearing black and white most days), any spare time and money I have has been invested into my costumes, whereas in the past it would have been spent on clothes. Cosplay, the surrounding community, events and people have transformed me over the past year, and I feel so happy in myself because of it.

So, in short, expect more posts from me again, but with more of a cosplay angle! On that note, I've been so excited to share these 'work in progress' photos of my Belle dress. It's been my first ballgown, and quite the project! I plan to wear in on the Saturday of MCM London Comic Con in October, since it's the day of the big Disney meet up. So far roughly 50 hours of work has gone into it, and there are still some finishing touches to do. You may notice in these photos that one glove has a lace trim and one doesn't; that's because I've decided against these gloves for the final costume and have ordered some opera length ones, so I didn't bother finished these! The bodice is based around a pre-made corset that I heavily altered, and the skirt is made from velvet, satin and organza over a six-hoop skirt. I added the pink flowers to add a splash of colour, inspired by Belle's Soundsational dress. The wig is the same lace front I used for Margaery in May, with a fair bit of restyling! Overall it's very much my own interpretaion, and I absolutely love it. 

I'll be sure to post more photos when it's completely finished, but for now I was simply too excited not to share!