Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sleeping Beauty 'Make It Blue!' Cosplay.

Happy Halloween everyone! Between spending a few days in Cornwall visiting family and heading to London for MCM London Comic Con, it's been an fun-filled couple of weeks. Whilst in Cornwall we meandered around seaside towns and picked our own apples and sweetcorn at a beautiful little farm, then in stark contrast MCM was spent tackling giant crowds and busy halls (which isn't to say it wasn't a whole lot of fun!). MCM was especially lovely this time around as we spent most of our time socialising with new friends who love the culture every bit as much as we do! Walking around as a big group of Disney characters, interacting with young and old fans alike, was simply magical.

My favourite costume of the week was my Aurora dress inspired by Traci Hines. I wore it on Friday and Sunday, and despite feeling thoroughly princessy it was still fairly comfortable. In the end about fifty hours work went into this dress - a little less time than I ultimately invested in my Belle dress, but then it isn't quite as elaborate. I styled the wig using one full wig and one half wig from my friends over at Annabelle's Wigs, and bought the crown and necklace from Perfect Tommy Automail on Etsy. They really make the outfit!

I've never felt so much like a character whilst in costume, however with Aurora I couldn't help but twirl and sing despite the hot, hectic conventions halls! Whilst taking a breather outside one morning I was stopped by Robert John Parker Photography for a couple of quick photos. He takes some of my favourite cosplay photos so I was incredibly excited to see how they came out! Needless to say, they're among my favourite photos from the weekend. It's well worth following him on Facebook! I have more candid photos from the weekend coming up, but for now take a peek at my cosplay page and try to spot Aurora in these cosplay music videos (bibbidy, bobbidy, boo!)!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Little Mermaid Wedding Shoot with Ruby Weddings.

Wedding shoots aren't all too fair on us ladies. Now, bear in mind that I say this as someone who loves the wedding industry and taking part in any and all wedding based projects, however you have to laugh at a shoot when the 'groom' remains warm and dry in his suit, whilst the 'bride' braves it in strapless gowns and delicate fabrics, arms, chest and goodness-knows-what else exposed to the elements, being tossed into the briny British blue in an outfit that renders her unable to walk (and with pebbles in her knickers...).

But my, was this experience a fun one! And honestly not cold in the slightest. It was an early start for Grant and I, catching our first train of the day at half five in the morning, however it was well worth it when we arrived at our location for the day. As someone who spent their teenage years living right on the dramatic Cornish coast, it's not often that other stretches of coastline manage to take my breath away, but Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door did exactly that. It was the dream location for a Little Mermaid themed shoot - I kept expecting Eric's castle to appear whenever we turned a corner. After the preceding days of torrential rain we were blessed with warm sun and intervals of clear blue sky, and the odd moment of cloud actually felt fitting over such a dramatic landscape. The team were so in-tune with each other, and the day was such a pleasure.
The Little Mermaid will always have a special place in our relationship. For years Grant and I have been compared to Ariel and Eric (this wasn't the first Little Mermaid wedding shoot we've done!), and I even walked down the aisle to my dad playing an cousitic cover of Part of Your World on guitar. It may be something to do with the way people react to our getting engaged/married at a young age mirroring the way people react to Ariel's impulsive, all or nothing relationship with her prince, granted we'd know each other for eight years when we married (and neither of us had to sacrifice any body parts or fight sea witches...). Regardless, as far as any Disney fairytale relationship goes, The Little Mermaid is ours.

Wearing a mermaid tail and getting photos in the sea has been on my bucket list from the first moment I knew mermaid tails existed. When Georgina from Ruby Weddings got in touch earlier this year asking if I would be Ariel for her Little Mermaid inspired shoot, I knew it was meant to be, and the deal was only sweetened when she invited Grant to be my Eric. Now we have more beautiful photos to treasure for the rest of our lives (and embarrass any future children with!). The tail caused quite the stir at Durdle Door, with lots of toursists taking photos and a few crowds even gathering on the overlooking cliffs to watch! I had to be carried around, which actually turned out to be quite fun, however I did strain a few obscure muscles manouevering myself on the beach and rocks! It was a magical feeling being able to flip my fins, and it's made me eager to build my own mermaid tail for an Ariel cosplay at some point. Watch this space!

Thank you so much to Georgina for inviting me, to Shannon for taking such striking, vibrant photos, and everyone else listed below for coming together and creating something truly magical. Keep an eye on Ruby Weddings for the full shoot, and be sure to check out these vendors...

Photographer – Shannon, SLR Photography | Styling – Georgina, Ruby Weddings | Venue – Lulworth Estate | Flowers - Helen Ffoulkes-Jones Flowers 
Hair - Krysia Eddery, Perfectly Posh Hair Design | Makeup – Bethany Prictoe, Perfectly Posh Hair Design | Cake – Special Moments, Maria Bateman 
Jewellery - Emily Fermor Jewellery | Linen - Magpie Linens | Dress & Mermaid Tail – Susie Grist Couture 
Shoot Assistant & Behind the Scenes Photographer - Terry Webb | Photographer Assistant – Tanika Hawkins