Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Lush Summer Party.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Lush Bath, not as a staff member, but as a party guest! To kick off the start of the summer holidays they were hosting a summer 'Beauty School' party, so I decided to stop by and see what all the fuss was about! Having already attended a few Lush events and witnessing some Lush parties, I already knew how immersive and hospitable they tend to be. The 'Beauty School' parties focus on an aspect of skincare; in our case, facial skaincare!

To kick things off, we each had a consultation and picked out a face mask that suited our skin. I have a few dry patches at the moment, so Oatifix was my choice. It's full of bananas and illipe butter that pack a real real dose of moisture, with oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin for a bit of gentle exfoliation. It was just what my skin needed, and left my face feeling positively silky. It was then time to try our hands at making our own face masks! I was very excited when I heard we'd be making Cupcake, a heavenly chocolately concoction that works wonders on oily skin. I always turn to it when my T zone is giving me trouble! The face mask mixture smelt incredible, loaded with cocoa and fresh mint.

Next up was one of my favourite parts; hand and arm massages! I chose From Dusk 'Til Dawn massage bar, a current favourite of mine. I had it for a hand and arm massage whilst waiting for my Validation Facial a couple of months ago, so the scent of the beautiful Sicilian lemon, moringa oil, and sweet wild orange oil always reminds me of my first Lush spa treatment. The final treat of the afternoon was having our makeup done by in-store makeup guru Nicola, whose skills I have been admiring ever since I started working there! I've already dabbled in Lush makeup (the Emotional Brilliance face powder and Feeling Younger highlighting skin tint are now staples in my makeup bag, and Believe is one of my favourite lip colours for day-to-day wear), however it was amazing seeing what a professional could do with the collection! I was seriously impressed with the Eyes Right mascara (which is packed with conditioning wheatgrass), and I loved the way Bubbly looked on my lips.

It was a really fun, girlie afternoon, reminiscent of giggly childhood sleepovers! I came away with a lovely bag of goodies, including my handmade face mask and some makeup to play with. It was great to experience a Lush party first hand, and I would absolutely reccomend them to Lush fans of any age! Whether you have a birthday, hen party, or any other excuse to celebrate coming up, they're definitely worth looking into if you're a fan of ethical beauty (or simply being pampered!).

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Graduating from Bath Spa.

We did it! After a tumultuous four years Grant and I have finally graduated from Bath Spa University, and we couldn't be happier. We're both completely different people now to the eighteen year olds we were when we first began our university lives, and neither of our journies has been smooth. I switched courses from English Literature to Creative Writing in my second year (best move ever!) and Grant made the decision to transfer from Cardiff to Bath - diversions that transformed our experiences at uni for the better. There have been really tough times; spending a year apart, dealing with health problems, and generally tackling the unknown, however the good has outweighed the bad. Afterall, I'm not only leaving Bath Spa with a degree, but with a husband (a turn I never could have predicted!).

Graduation itself was far more emotional than I'd expected, and I'm so grateful that I got to share it with Grant.Whilst I'd been looking forward to it, I didn't anticipate the tears that kept creeping up on me. Our families joined us in Bath for the day, and there was such a brilliant sense of occassion. As the cermony began, I indulged myself the opprtunity to really cast my mind back over the past four years, and think of the people, city and opportunities that shaped my time at university. My course has truthfully only played a supporting role; the real joys have been the developments Grant I have made in our relationship, making roots in a city of our own, and undergoing an enormous amount of self discovery.

Naturally, I leant far too much thought to what I'd wear than was at all necessary. I'd actually bought myself a bardot style midi dress in the January sales, however by the time graduation arrived it wasn't appealing to me in the same way. I wanted something simple yet elegant - something that would make me feel like a princess on our special day. I stumbled across this pale blue satin skirt on ASOS in their Tall section, and my size was the only one left in stock - it was meant to be! Once the skirt arrived the rest of the outfit fell into place fairly easily. The shoes were the first pair I tried on, and they were perfect. I love the pointed toe, delicate straps and sensible heel; I wore them comfortably for twelves hours straight! When I first encountered the top it cost just a little too much, however I popped into Coast on a whim last weekend and discovered it reduced to a more realistic price. My last minute outfit change was definitely meant to be! I felt incredible.

So what now? Well, most importantly we have time to breath! We're settled into our jobs, we've handled the move, and we've graduated. Now we can relax into the rest of the summer, and hopefully I'll have a little more time to blog and engage with the community again. I'm working more hours at Lush now and I'm still really enjoying it - it's definitely the ideal place for me right now, and being surrounded by such bright, bubbly people has done wonders for my confidence. My family have commented that I seem to be relaxing into life a little more, and I just seem content. And it's true, I'm incredibly content. I no longer feel like I'm racing to catch up with the world, I'm just enjoying our new pace of life.