Thursday, 1 October 2015

Tale As Old As Time: My Belle Cosplay WIP.

I recently discussed on Twitter that I've been feeling a little disenchanted with my blog lately. I haven't had the passion and excitement for personal style posts and the type of content that this blog was built on, and that has been something I've found tricky to come to terms with. As much as I believe we should blog for ourselves, I also want to share content that you, the reader, will find engaging. I owe any blogging success I've had to the people who have read and supported Briar Rose, and it's really important to me that I involve you all in any changes.

Before continuing, I should clarify, I'm not saying I willl never share personal style content again. As and when it feels right to me I will certainly share any outfit photos I take, however for now I want to start sharing content surrounding a subject that I have been feeling incredibly excited and passionate about; cosplay. It's not like I've kept my love of cosplay a secret on social media, or even in past blog posts, however it always felt like something extra on the side. The truth is, now that I'm working five days a week (hence being limited to wearing black and white most days), any spare time and money I have has been invested into my costumes, whereas in the past it would have been spent on clothes. Cosplay, the surrounding community, events and people have transformed me over the past year, and I feel so happy in myself because of it.

So, in short, expect more posts from me again, but with more of a cosplay angle! On that note, I've been so excited to share these 'work in progress' photos of my Belle dress. It's been my first ballgown, and quite the project! I plan to wear in on the Saturday of MCM London Comic Con in October, since it's the day of the big Disney meet up. So far roughly 50 hours of work has gone into it, and there are still some finishing touches to do. You may notice in these photos that one glove has a lace trim and one doesn't; that's because I've decided against these gloves for the final costume and have ordered some opera length ones, so I didn't bother finished these! The bodice is based around a pre-made corset that I heavily altered, and the skirt is made from velvet, satin and organza over a six-hoop skirt. I added the pink flowers to add a splash of colour, inspired by Belle's Soundsational dress. The wig is the same lace front I used for Margaery in May, with a fair bit of restyling! Overall it's very much my own interpretaion, and I absolutely love it. 

I'll be sure to post more photos when it's completely finished, but for now I was simply too excited not to share!

Friday, 11 September 2015

September TreatBox.


I am the breed of person who has Christmas on the brain the moment it offically ticks over into September. Summer is over, and we've eventered the most exciting time of the year! In my opinion, nothing compares to September through to December; crisp air, autumnal treats, hot drinks, cosy evenings, Halloween, bonfires, Christmas... It's just a magical time, and I can't get enough of it.

As such, I've already started taking an interest in gift ideas. I love having an arsenal of gift buying destinations at my disposal, and Not Shabby Very Chic is my latest discovery. Perhaps the thing that got me most intrigued in the brand was their TreatBox service, a monthly subscription box packed with a variety of goodies including homewares, stationary, jewellery, chocolate and accessories. I was lucky enough to recieve the September TreatBox, and I opened it to discover an array of delightful treasures.

'You Are Bee-autiful' coaster - A beautiful, cheerful little coaster that I've already set aside as a gift for a friend who I have a feeling will absolutely love the style! Whenever I get a subscription box I always end up treating friends and family.
A sheet of stickers - An A4 sheet of stickers in a quirky vintage style. These will definitely get put to good use come Christmas!
'Enjoy The Little Things' tin sign - A bright tin sign with a lovely sentiment. Much of our flat has a predominantly pink theme, however I think this sign is destined to end up in the kitchen above my pink KitchenAid mixer.
Lavender bath salts - I've a new appreciation for lavender recently since Dreamtime temple balm from Lush has helped me start getting to sleep far quicker than I used to. I'll be saving these salts for an evening when I need a particularly good night's sleep.
Bicycle paper clips - I've definitely developed a penchant for cutesy stationary this year, so these paper clips are a welcome addition!
Inspirational Print - A lovely uplifting print that I will be saving to send to a friend when I feel they need their spirits raised.
Miniature frame - A cute little blue frame that will perfectly match our flat's pastel decor! Now to decide what to go in it...
'Home Sweet Home' heart - An adorable wooden sign that I will most likely reserve as a Christmas gift for someone.

Feel free to share your favourite subscription box below - I love how diverse they're becoming!