Thursday, 20 November 2014

4 Ways to Wear Crown and Glory: Velvet Turban.

Welcome to the first edition of my brand new feature, 'Ways to Wear Crown and Glory'! Every month I'll be styling an item from the Glitterati subscription box in a number of different ways, with styles tailored towards long haired ladies. If you're after some short hair styling inspiration, check out The Laughing Medusa. This month I'm styling a Crown and Glory classic - the velvet turban!

Boho Braids -

What do boho babes do with their hair over winter? These braids are ideal for long haired ladies who love wearing their hair loose, but want to add a little definition and flair to their lengths. Style your hair into your preferred parting, don your turban, then simply braid a small section on each side, starting around your jaw. Instead of using a band to tie off the ends, simply backcomb the hair very slightly and secure with hairspray. Don't fret if they start to unravel a little - it makes them look more effortless and casual.

Messy Retro Topknot -

A timelessly elegant style for the retro ladies out there! This look is incredibly easy to create, and simply perfect for day-to-day wear over winter. If you don't have one already, style a faux fringe by creating a deep side parting and pinning the front section of hair across your forehead. Pull your lengths into a messy topknot, put your turban on, and fix the bun in place as desired with bobby pins. Finish with a spritz of hairspray, a classic cat eye, and a splash of red lipstick - naturally!

The Faux Fringe -

If (like me) you're the type who is constantly toying with the idea of getting a fringe, but is never brave enough to take the plunge, this style is for you! Before putting your turban on, create a deep side parting, then take the front section of hair and backcomb it very slightly to give it a bit of body. Drape it across your forehead, pin it in place, and carefully pop your turban on over the top. Tweak until you're happy, then finish with hairspray. The turban artfully covers the pins, making your fringe look all natural!

Knotted Milkmaid Braids -

Milkmaid braids have become a staple hairstyle of mine this year, and a turban is the perfect way to continue wearing them over winter whilst still keeping your ears cosy! When creating milkmaid braids to wear under a turban, I pin them a little further back on my head. Also, instead of looping them around the back of my head, I tuck them in and out of one another to create a slightly messier, knotted look.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Bath Christmas Lights.

In my mind, there's no better combination than Bath's stunning architecture and clusters of beautiful Christmas lights! Grant and I managed to attend the Christmas lights switch on for the first time this year, and whilst it was a little busy to take photos on the night, earlier this week we popped into town after dark to get some photos. I really am a Christmas fanatic, and nothing quite fills you with that warm Christmas feeling like bundling up against the cold and admiring the decorations.

The Christmas market has started going up and I'm so excited I could burst! It's one of my favourite things about living in Bath; the smells, the lights, the delicious treats... Every year I end up visiting at least every other day simply because I can't resist the pull. As much as I love escaping to rural Cornwall for Christmas itself, I just adore the build up and excitement here in the city. There's nothing quite like it!