Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My Jolie Candle.


First up, apologies for my absence recently. I can't quite pinpoint exactly what was going on, but I didn't quite feel myself, and because of that I wasn't in the right headspace to be blogging. However, over the weekend Grant and I went to MCM London Comic Con (more on that later this week!), and I've come away feeling incredibly uplifted and refreshed. With Christmas well and truly creeping up on us, I thought what better way to kick things back off again than by sharing an adorable gift idea?

I've encountered candles containing jewellery before, however nothing quite like the beautiful branding and packaging that comes with My Jolie Candle. The concept is simple; pick your candle and burn it until you're able to lift out the little foil packet inside. The package will contain a randomly selected piece of silver jewellery with a Swarovski Elements crystal. Some candles even contain gold jewellery with real diamonds worth between 250€ to 5,000€! I got a rose scented candle, packaged along with some adorable stationery, candy, and a personalised passport holder. After burning the candle for a few days I was able to get to the foil packet with a pair of tweezers, and inside was a delicate bracelet with a diamond shaped charm and pink gemstones. The gemstones were a bit much for me, so I've taken to wearing it the other way around with just the diamond shape showing. It's nice and subtle, and I actually really like it!

Regardless of the jewellery you end up getting, the fun in these candles is the anticipation - not to mention they smell divine. They'd make great Christmas presents, and you'd win some serious brownie points in the recipient ended up finding some real diamond jewellery inside!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Autumnal Camping Shoot with Emma Griffin.

Back in the summer whilst I was in Cornwall, I took part in a shoot with one of my favourite photographers -the lovely Emma Griffin- for the fall issue for TURN magazine. I modeled alongside the beautiful Kyra, as we pretended we were two best friends having one final camp out before heading off to different universities. The styling was adorable, and I particularly loved that Emma kept my personal style in mind when picking out my different outfits. The whole team was fantastic, and I even got to have cuddles with Emma's newest puppy!

I love doing a bit of modeling from time-to-time, and this kind of shoot is my favourite; a playful theme, lots of creative people involved, and plenty of mugs of tea and cute animals to enjoy between shots! I had a really lovely day, and finally seeing the photos in TURN this week was a great feeling. It's certainly got me excited for my upcoming photo shoots!