Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What I bought at Lush Oxford Street.

In the current madness of vacating/cleaning one flat and moving into and establishing ourselves in another (we're almost there!!), I managed to steal a day to myself. A friend of mine from work is having to leave us and move away from Bath, so she wanted a proper, indulgent trip to Lush Oxford Street. I'd been looking for an excuse to go nosy at all the new exclusives, so I jumped on the opportunity and offered to go with her! It was a very last minute trip, but it worked out perfectly. We spent three hours in the store then gorged ourselves at Five Guys!

When I told another friend (who doesn't work at Lush) that I was taking a trip to London purely to check out the new flagship store she laughed fondly at me, and to be fair, it sounds a little ridiculous on paper. However when you start to consider that the new store has three floors and over 200 new exclusive products, it begins to make sense why we decided to set aside a good chunk of the day for our visit. Since starting to work for the brand I've fallen deeper and deeper in love with the cosmetics, the ethics, and the stories behind the products, so I loved the idea of really taking our time exploring the store, chatting with staff and-of course-trying all of the new products I could get my paws on.

Naturally I had to be somewhat restrained, so I decided to only buy exclusive products, forcing myself away from the incredible super sized pots of the 'normal' products (although the giant pots of Rub Rub Rub and H'Suan Wen Hua were looking at me with 'come hither' eyes!). There were a few things I wanted that were out of stock, and I did regretfully put a few things back on the shelves after realising my basket was getting a tad heavy, but nonetheless I'm very happy with my haul! Even Grant was intrigued to see what I'd bought...

Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar (£5.95) - It's a flamingo on a stick, it smells like sweet fruity cocktails, AND IT'S A FLAMINGO ON A STICK. I wanted this as soon as I spotted it on Instagram, and the moment I smelt it I knew that desire was far from misguided! It took a lot of self restraint not to pop a couple more in my basket. Did I mention it's a flamingo on a stick?
The Experimenter Bath Bomb (£3.75) - Over the past few weeks I've served at least half a dozen customers asking if we have this colourful bath bomb in our store, so I really had to see what all the fuss is about. I'm not crazy about the scent, but from what I'm seen on Instagram it looks seriously impressive in action!
Frozen Bath Bomb (£3.75) - Considering my love of Frozen, is it really a surprise that this delight found it's way into my basket? It has a sweet grapefruit and neroli scent and is packed with snowflake lustre. I'm absolutely certain that Elsa would approve! The cherry on top was that the sticker on the bag read, 'Do you want to have a bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play?'. Amazing.
Milky Bath Bubble Bar (£3.75) - This was another than had made it's way on my wishlist thanks to social media. I'm a fan of bubble bars in general, however this one inparticular appealed to me as I imagined an incredibly soft, decadent bath. The scent is really comforting and I love the glitter bottle cap!
Floating Island Bath Melt (£2) - Confession time; I've yet to use the original Floating Island luxury bath melt. I'm not sure why, but I always overlook it when picking out bath products. However, when checking out the new bath oil melts yesterday this little guy jumped out at me, and smells beautifully vanillary!
Monsieur Gustave Bath Melt (£2) - The first bath oil I picked up, purely because of the nod to The Grand Budapest Hotel! The scent is fairly heavy on the lavender, which isn't usually my cup of tea, however there is an undeniably lovely charm to it. I'm saving it for an evening when I want a really good nights sleep.
Cloak of Invisibility Bath Melt (£2) - Another bath oil that I picked up in part of the name; it even says 'use it well' on the name sticker! Sharing it's scent with Lust-one of the first Lush perfumes I wore when I started working there-and dusted with gold glitter, I had to buy this one!
Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder (£4.95) - This was a complete impulse buy. Brushing your teeth with glittery strawberry flavoured fairy dust; what's not to like?
Cherish Eye Powder (£10) - I limited myself to one item of makeup, because honestly, I could have gone mad! The glittery eye dusts were my favourites, with their fairytale shades and adorable little bottles. After swatching a few I went for Cherish, a light pink that goes beautifully rosy on the skin.
Lord of Misrule 100g (£4.75) - I'd never tried any of the Lord of Misrule limited edition products before, however at our store's spa opening party one of the girls from the Bristol store let me try her Lord of Misrule solid perfume and I became intrigued with the scent. It reminded me of vanilla coke! Originally I'd planned on buying The Comforter shower cream, however in the end I decided to try Lord of Misrule instead.
Maypole Soap (£3.10 per 100g) - Oh my goodness, this soap was a pleasant surprise if ever there was one! I hadn't been planning on buying any soap, however the moment I sniffed this I had to have it! With an intoxicating combination of peppermint oil and maple syrup it smells like rock candy, hence takes me back to childhood holidays by the seaside. A real unexpected favourite!
Refresher Shower Jelly 100g (£3.50) - Another pleasant surprise. I like the shower jellies, however I'd never before bought one for myself before. This little treat really won me over the moment I sniffed it; it's a lemony delight, and reminds me of freshly baked lemon meringue pie. It's currently chilling in the fridge, and I can't wait to have a refreshing shower with it!
Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask (£6.50) - I knew I had to try one of the new face masks, so I tried them all on my hands! I found it so hard to pick between this one, Rosy Cheeks and The Man In The Mushroom Mask, however in the end the sales assistant sold me on Don't Look At Me when she likened it to my alltime favourite face mask, Brazened Honey. The vivid blue shade didn't hurt either!
Sunny Day 100g (£9.95) - My friend had sold me on this product before we even stepped foot in the store. It's fantastic for taming the hair and helps it stand up to the elements. It was the first product I tried on my way home; it made my hair fall beautifully, and it shares the same Parma Violet-esque scent as Kerbside Violet - one of my favourites!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

In The Golden Afternoon.


I will be the first to admit that fashion has not been at the forefront of my mind as of late. Grant and I are moving into our new flat on Friday, which is super crazy exciting but also incredibly demanding! It's our first time living somewhere unfurnished, so we've spent the past few weeks building our furniture collection from the ground up. It's been an awful lot of fun, and I love having furniture that we've picked out that is truly ours, however it's also involved a fair bit of hard earned money disappearing, plenty of running around shopping and making collections, and a whole lot of DIY - it's kind of like our wedding all over again!

We've been so distracted that I barely noticed the arrival of summer until I popped down to Cornwall for a few days to visit my family. Whilst my mum and I did do a little shopping whilst I was down (I inherited my love of interiors from her!) I also spent some much needed time unwinding and focusing on a bit of self indulgence. We sat around the fire pit toasting marshmallows, drank more wine than I'm accustomed to nowadays, and lounged around in hammocks reading and soaking up the late afternoon sun. 

The cherry on top was my parents new kitten, Hiccup. He's already twice the size he was when they first got him, however he was still adorably diddy and playful. One of my biggest heartaches in life is being allergic to cats. I've been around them all my life, and I've got into the habit of making sure I always have medicine with me, however it still saddens me that I can't just scoop up a cat and have a cuddle without a little forethought. Nonetheless, I was prepared for my visit, and with the help of antihistamines I was able to have Hiccup sleeping beside me every night, purring away at bedtime and nibbling my toes in the mornings!

I'm back in Bath now, and looking at these photos is really making me smile. Not only is it a lovely reminder of my family home, but it's so refreshing to see myself wearing my beloved pastels again! My job requires me to wear predominantly black and white, and whilst I'm learning to have fun with it and express my personal style through silhouettes and textures instead of colour, I must admit that I miss wearing sugary hues on a day-to-day basis. I suppose in a way it makes me appreciate them more, however I feel a tad out of touch styling them. Even on my days off I've found myself reaching for my black and white staples more and more as I've become accustomed to wearing them, and whilst it feels nice to broaden my horizons it's also been a reminder that I shouldn't stop having fun with fashion just because I'm employed!

As a result, I decided to ease myself back into some of my favourite pastel shades this weekend with a classic retro look. The dress is from Unique Vintage, a postive goldmine for retro and vintage loving girls. I just adore the powdery blue colour, the neckline, and the sleeves. I feel so effortlessly glamourous when I wear it! I styled it with my favourite new summer flats from Primark, white heart sunglasses that have been kicking around my collection for goodness knows how long, and my H&M sunhat from last summer. Naturally I finished things off with a red lip - it would have been rude not to!