Sunday, 25 January 2015

4 Ways to Wear C&G: Not A Lotta Rosie Bobby Pins.

Every month I review something from the Glitterati subsciption box by Crown and Glory, and this month I decided to try and inspire those of you who feel a bit apprehensive around colourful hair accessories by styling these delicate Not A Lotta Rosie bobby pins in four different ways. If you're a Crown and Glory newbie, or you really want to expand your collection but can't afford a bigger piece, these pins are perfect for you!

The Finishing Touch -

Possibly the simplest way to add a little Crown and Glory flair to your hair! These bobby pins are both a pretty and practical way to keep your hair out of your face on a day-to-day basis. To give my hair a bit more volume in this style, I wear it in braids overnight, then style in into a deep side parting and do a little teasing at the roots. A spritz of hairspray and you're done!

Dainty Crown -

A style for the wannabe Disney princesses out there! To recreate this hairstyle, style your hair into a deep side parting, then take a section of hair from underneath at the side of your head and braid it, pulling it across your head like a hairband. Pull back the sections of hair framing your face and pin at the back of your head. Finish the style off by mussing up the braid a little, and scattering the bobby pins through it.

Rapunzel Braid -

A style inspired by the most amazing head of hair in the world! Continuing from the 'dainty crown' style, pull your hair over one shoulder and divide it into three rough sections. Lightly tease each of these sections to add volume (compensating for the hair lost to the 'crown'), and braid them. Before decorating the braid with the bobby pins, add volume by pulling at each of the loops and fanning it out with your fingers.

Milkmaid Braids -

A subtle Crown and Glory twist on a classic hairstyle! To recreate this style, twist sections of hair away from your face and braid your hair into two plaits. Tease the plaits a little with your fingers, then loop them over your head, crossing over one another. Pin in place with bobby pins until the style feels secure, and finish off with the Not A Lotta Rosie pins.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Enchantment Project Exhibition.

I first got involved with Emma Griffin's Enchantment Project back in August, when she transformed me into my favourite snow queen - complete with my very own Olaf! Since then the project has reached completion, and all of the photos (along with a plethora of wonderful props) are now on display at the Beside The Wave gallery in Falmouth. The exhibition is culminating with an auction on the 31st January, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

What made my involvement so special to me was not only the fact that Emma gave me an opportunity to become a character who has been very close to my heart over the past year, but that she also cast my younger sister, Poppy, as Anna. It was such a lovely thought, and I love seeing our photos side by side. When we attended the private viewing last week a lot of people we met commented on how nice it was that we're sisters in real life. It's just a shame I'm not naturally blonde and blue eyed!

All of the photos are stunning, although my favourites are probably Merida, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Emma has created something truly magical, and all in the name of a wonderful cause. If you're in Cornwall over the next week, I highly reccomend you pop over to Falmouth and pay the exhibition a visit.