Friday, 29 August 2014

The Enchantment Project with Griffin Photography.

Whenever I come back down to Cornwall, I love to try and collaborate with local creatives, and one of my favourite people I've come across in recent years is Emma Griffin of Griffin Photography. She's got so much creativity and passion for her work, and she's always bursting with fun ideas. This year, she's working on The Enchantment Project for Cancer Research; a collection of images interpreting different Disney princesses. Of course, I was eager to be involved the moment she told me about it! Last autumn she originally asked if I'd like to be Ariel, but then Frozen came out and she caught on to how much I'd fallen in love with Elsa. She asked if I'd like to portray her instead, and I said yes in a heartbeat!

My makeup was done by the incredible Sally Orchard, who truly created the perfect Elsa look, and I wore my snowflake hair clips that Crown and Glory made for me to go with my Elsa cosplay. It was such a chilled, fun, glittery shoot, and I love how magical the final photos feel. For a peek at some of the other princess shoots, check out this behind the scenes album.

"The Enchantment Project is for Cancer Research. My aim is to create a body of work titled Enchantment which will include pictures of all of the Disney Princesses. Each image will show the story of each princess but will not have the 'Disney style' outfits.

I want to focus on female cancer and the female warriors who have been through, or going through, cancer. When going through cancer as a women there is a lot about body image and how we change as women. The reason I have picked Disney Princess is because every girl wants to to be a Princess. Disney is all about dreams, and I believe dreams can come true whatever you are going through. As a cancer warrior each of these people hold on to dreams.

I will sell the prints in an exhibition alongside the props, a book of all of the images, and anything that has been donated. The exhibition will be held in The Beside The Wave Gallery in Falmouth in Jan 2015. Please help us to raise a lot of money for Cancer Research."
 - Emma Griffin

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Pillowy Japanese Cheesecake.

It's dessert week, so I decided to challenge myself and try something I'd never attempted before. Earlier this year I had the most incredible cotton soft Japanese cheesecake for dessert at a restaurant, and it blew my mind. As much as I love regular cheesecake, this airy, moist, delectably soft cake was a complete revelation, and I've been dying to attempt it ever since. Granted, it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing dessert -hence I tried to tart it up a bit with some homemade candyfloss- however the taste and texture more than make up for it. I can't take any credit for the recipe, so if you fancy trying it head over to Rasa Malaysia, however I made it twice and on the second attempt I added a little extra sugar and a splash of vanilla to sweeten it. I can imagine it would be heavenly served with a berry coulis!

The candyfloss machine was a birthday present to my younger sister a few years ago, and it's one of those novelty kitchen devices that gets used a few times a year, then stuffed to the back of a cupboard and forgotten about. Personally, I think it's fantastic, and I'm sure it would be used more often if I still lived with my family! For this recipe, I bought a bag of pink vanilla candyfloss sugar on eBay; there were all kinds of exotic flavours like apple, butterscotch and piƱa colada, but I decided to stay traditional and pretty! It's a cute finishing touch, but if you plan on replicating it then I would advise adding it right before you serve the cheesecake, as it melts over time.