Greetings! I'm Megan, a twenty one year old creative writing student who loves pretty dresses and putting pen to paper. I'm forever darting between the flat I share with my husband in Bath, my parental home in Cornwall and our family base in London. I'm a westcountry girl at heart! My first love will always be writing, however over the years I've developed accompanying interests in fashion, photography, baking and hostessing (which is perfect because now I have real things to write about!). My dream is to someday be a published novelist writing young adult fiction, however in the meantime I want to work in the colourful world of magazine journalism.

I'm an avid fan of all things fantasy, hoarding vintage story books and holidaying to Disneyland Paris as often as I can justify. I love brisk autumn afternoons spent baking apple and blackberry crumble, and curling up on rainy evenings eating cereal and watching a good film. I spent the latter half of my childhood living right beside the sea, so lazy days on the beach and windy walks along the coast path will always be close to my heart. My style is somewhat eclectic, bringing together romantic fabrics, retro shapes and quirky details.

I started this blog in the summer of 2011, and it's been my little sanctuary ever since. It's a place to share my outfits, my ponderings, and playful snippets of my life. Documenting everything here reminds me how lucky I am, and stops me taking the little things for granted.

Shortlisted for the Bath in Fashion Blogger Award 2013
Shortlisted for Best Personal Style Blog in the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013

Photos by Ailera Stone