Thursday, 28 February 2013

Ice cream dreams at Crown & Glory.


I can't believe it was only a few weeks ago that we took these photos! I've always loved Crown and Glory's aesthetic, but this shoot just took things to a whole new level. Ice cream pastels? Yes please. Milkshake print dresses? Yes please. Mountains of pretty tulle? Yes please. Glittery fairy crowns? Oh, yes please!

I hope you love the final images as much as we do. Chloe Lee is such an easy photographer to work with, and naturally Sophie's gorgeous new SS13 creations were all the inspiration we could possibly need. My favourite products from the new collection have to be the lilac, baby blue and ice cream variations of the Whole Lotta Rosie headband, however I also adore the new pastel leather bows - they're just girlie enough, but with a slightly edgy twist.

It may still be bloody freezing outside, but the release of this lookbook has got me all riled up for spring. Bring it on, March!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Benefit 'Glamouriety' Roadshow.


It's a sad truth, but nowadays I have few excuses to get dressed up, so when I was invited to the Benefit Glamouriety Roadshow at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery I got a little excited. Not only did I now have an excuse to flaunt my new LBD from Hedonia, but I was curious to see what Benefit had up their sleeve for the evening.

Benefit is one of the few cosmetic brands that get me really excited. I've always loved their aesthetic, their pretty packaging, and the fun names they give their products, but more importantly, I think they live up to the hype surrounding them. I've got a very long wishlist right now, and the Dandelion powder box is one of my desert island beauty products. One of the things I love about them is how they truly succeed in making make up fun, since, from time to time, I do find that it begins to feel a bit of a chore.

The event was primarily for Benefit employees from the surrounding area, however there were a handful of bloggers present including Steph, Kim, Lyrzi, Tara and Amie. Towards the end of the evening we also crossed paths with newer blogger, Katie, who was an absolute sweetheart and made my day by telling me she follows my blog!
We arrived to complimentary glasses of rosé, which, in my opinion, is always a nice way to start an evening! After admiring our surroundings for a while (the museum made for an amazing venue) we were ushered into another room for the main event. We took our seats and were entertained by a comedian before the UK founders of Benefit said a few words. Glamouriety itself was a colourful, wacky short film about Jean and Jane Ford, the ladies behind the brand.

After watching Glamouriety, the drink began to flow and there was plenty of food of offer - served in little teacups, naturally! A group of showgirls did a couple of performances, and retro girl band Elle and The Pocket Belles proved a hit and got people up on their feet dancing. The whole affair was shamelessly girlie, but what more would you expect from Benefit?

To top everything off, we were treated to handmade retro knickers from Cherry Rock Boutique, the designer behind the dancers fabulous, sparkly pink ensembles. They're absolutely adorable! Thank you, Cherry Rock, and thank you, Benefit, for a very colourful evening indeed.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fashion delights in Bath, part two.

Following our nosy around the Fashion Museum, we set out into the city on a mysterious 'fashion tour'. Just as our noses and fingers were starting to go numb with cold, we were ushered into the cosy and colourful depths of The Makery Emporium for a bit of crafty creativity. I was familiar with the adorable ground floor shop, where I've popped in before whilst hunting for birthday and Christmas presents, however we headed upstairs - past a noisy childrens party - and up to a cosy second floor where we gathered around a table covered in colourful scraps of fabric and pretty embellishments.

We were shown how to make cute little corsages, and soon enough got stuck in, matching fabrics together and getting busy with needles and threads. It took me a while to get the knack of it, however my final corsage wasn't horrific. Maybe I'm better at this crafty business than I give myself credit for! Regardless of our abilities, it was a lovely place to wile away some time before heading to our next destination.
I was delighted when I found out that our next stop was The Bertinet Bakery, which is one of those shops that I always pass longingly when I'm in town. I do love my baked goodies, but between student budgets and wedding planning, it's not a luxury I can't afford to indulge all that often. I usually have to get baking myself if I fancy macarons or pastries, so being treated was a novelty.

We were presented with an array of macarons to sample, and there was a satisfied silence as everyone savoured their first bite (that's bloggers and their macarons for you!). I opted for my favourite flavour, salted caramel, followed by a very sweet lemon - a macaron first for me! Everything was delicious, and the fleeting visit got me hankering to use up the ground almonds currently sat in my baking cupboard.

Now that I've sampled some of Bertinet's treats, I'm definitely going to need at excuse to eat-in sometime soon. The whole place smelt gorgeous, and even if it just means popping into the new Bertinet Cafe at The Vaults, I'm intrigued by what else they have to offer.
We regrouped for a drink before going our separate ways. As we said goodbye, we were given goodie bags (including yet more Benefit, lucky things that we are!) and complimentary passes allowing us free entry to a plethora of local attractions. What better excuse to get to know my city better? I need to start making the most of all this culture right on my doorstep.

A big thank you is in order to everyone who was involved in organising the day. It was a wonderful alternative to my standard Sundays, which are generally spent lazing around the flat, doing a little baking if I'm feeling really productive! Not only did I have a lovely afternoon, but I'm can't wait to see what Bath in Fashion has in store for us come April.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Fashion delights in Bath, part one.

The weekend just gone has been a busy one for bloggers in the South West. On Saturday I ventured to a meetup in Bristol with Steph and Kim, where we enjoyed a very indulgent brunch, chatted to some familiar faces, and rooted around some seriously amazing goodie bags spilling over with beauty bits (including a bit of Benefit - we were truly spoiled!). Following the meet up we did a little shopping, before joining forces with Chloe, Sophie and Lyzi for an evening of drinks and laughter. Chloe put me up for the night, and the next morning was spent sat in bed, drinking tea and nattering away like an old married couple.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed - more or less - we hopped in Stephs car and drove to Bath. With a couple of hours to kill before the Bath in Fashion bloggers event, we muddled around the vintage market and got a quick caffeine fix before finding our way to the Fashion Museum.

We were welcomed with a yummy cream tea, and given a run down of what's in store for Bath in Fashion 2013. It was so exciting to hear about all the fabulous events that are going to be taking place in my city, and knowing that - unlike other fashion weeks - I'm going to be able to be right in the thick of it. Needless to say, I can't wait for April!

Tummies full, we had a bit of free time to explore the Fashion Museum itself. If ever there was such a thing fashion nutrition for the eyes, the 'Fifty Fabulous Frocks' exhibition was just that.
We ooh-ed and ah-ed over our dream dresses, and in equal measure raised our eyebrows at some of the more laughable ensembles on display. It was amazing to see so many gorgeous, decadent outfits - spanning a number of centuries - crammed together and looking immaculate. The 'dress up like a Victorian' corner proved very entertaining, however we weren't brave enough to try on anything more than the pretty bonnets. We were all given passes that allow us entry to the Fashion Museum and other Bath and Bristol attractions until the end of the year, so maybe in later months we'll return for a proper dress-up session.

Time ticked away, and soon enough we were regrouping at the museum entrance. Part two of the day involved a tour of Bath's fashion hotspots, so we bundled up in our layers and marched out into the cold, wondering where we would be heading first.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

The faces behind the February ads.

"Pretty up your tresses with Crown and Glory head candy."

"Dream a little dream for me."

"A clutterbug with a vintage heart." 

"I'm pleased to meet you."

"Let the sun shine."
"For a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic."

 "A curated range of handmade gifts."

"Things that brighten up my life in the city."

"Vintage pieces suited to the fashion loving girl."

"Yes, I am a dreamer."

"A princess doesn'y doodle!"

"Full time snap happy cheese on toast lover."

"Ice cream and care bears."

"Life is not a dress rehearsal."

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