Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Kitty Starlight.


Happy Halloween! However, I must admit I haven't exactly gone full out with my own celebrations. A bit of pumpkin carving, some homemade ghost shortbread and a customary viewing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show has made up my evening, and whilst it's been quiet, it's also been very chilled out (and necessary!).

Tomorrow I start my annual battle with Nanowrimo. For those who aren't familiar with it, every November writer's from all over the world join forces and attempt to each write 50,000 words (a first draft 'novel') in the space of a month. I've been taking part since 2009, and over the years I've had a few wins. It's become a pretty integral part of my autumn, and I wouldn't be happy unless I'd at least given it a shot!

In regard to today's outfit, I am in love with my new bag from Marc B. It seems that over the past month of so I have become a 'bag person', and this number really is a treat. It's my new go-to for trips into town and no doubt it will be accompanying me to London in a couple of weeks!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Grazia Local South West (and me!).

If you're a Grazia fan, then you may know that today is the release date for the latest issue of Grazia Local. This month's issue covers the South West (Bournemouth, Southampton, Bristol, Bath, Exeter and Plymouth), and yours truly is the local ambassador for Bath and Bristol!

This special issue focus' on the top ten things to do in each city from local 'girls about town'. Not only that, but it's crammed with special offers and discounts covering everything from afternoon tea to high end shopping! I've been working alongside the girls at Grazia for a while now compiling the feature, and it's been such an exciting thing to be a part of! Not only has it been a great experience for me as a budding writer, but it's also encouraged me to get to know my lovely city better.

It's on sale now, and if you're a South West dweller you can pick up your copy for a special price of £1. I was in town first thing this morning getting my mitts on a copy (or three!).

Monday, 29 October 2012

Mod Dolly and Sketch Street in Notting Hill.

The Mod Dolly and Sketch Street collection is now available to pre-order! We shot this lookbook in Notting Hill a couple of weeks ago with the fantastic Hanna Kristina, then did the studio photos the following day. It was the perfect way to spend the weekend and meant I could have a good old catch up with the gorgeous Amy (Dolls are United).

So much time and dedication has gone into making this collection a reality, and every design has been lovingly crafted to the highest quality. The vibe is sixties city girl with a contemporary twist, and I know that I'm hoping to get my mitts on the velvet detail Loella cape, the peter pan collar Dorothy dress and the Abby shirt dress.

Because the designs are currently in the pre-order stage, you can nab them with up to 60% off! Each design needs twenty pre-orders to be produced, so it'd definitely be wise to make the most of the next two weeks.

Take a peek at the collection and let me know which pieces are your favourites!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Weak tea and pretty crockery.

Just a quick post tonight with some photos from my weekend (yes, it involved a lot of tea). I've got a very busy week ahead of me and hopefully a few exciting things to share with you along the way! In the meantime, I hope you're all having fun celebrating Halloween and I'll be back with a proper update soon!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Here comes the bride.


Of all the things to dress up as for the first Halloween following your engagement... I think it's fair to say that any daydreams Grant had of me sashaying down the aisle in some gorgeous gown looking like a goddess/princess/woodland nymph have well and truly been put to rest. Usually he's quite placid when he takes my outfit photos for me, not so much today!

I had so much fun putting this costume together. There's so much fabric in this Dahlia skirt, so it was the ideal candidate for being bunched, tucked and tied. I had some white thread handy to keep it in place here and there, then it was just a matter of adding some token spiders and cobwebs! Underneath I wore a cream satin slip, which became pretty much entirely obscured by a mass of teased hair and yet more cobwebs.

The 'veil' is actually a very tactfully positioned dress - I just rolled the top into a sort of sausage that I pinned across the top of my head. I decorated one of my Whole Lotta Rosie headbands from Crown and Glory with extra white flowers, some fabric 'vines' (that I salvaged from an old floral headband of mine), cobbywebs, and a spider. I carefully positioned the headband to hide the 'veil', and began to tease the living daylights out of my hair.

My make up was surprisingly straight forward. I caked up my lips with foundation (circa 2008), darkened my eyebrows a bit more than usual, and put black eyeshadow under my bottom lashes and through my socket.

Then it was just a matter of posing awkwardly and opening my eyes as eerily wide as I could manage!

How are you all celebrating this Halloween weekend?

Friday, 26 October 2012

Strawberry Shortcake meets Raggedy Ann.


Happy weekend everyone! I hope you've all got lovely things planned for the next couple of days. I know I've got a few things to look forward to! How is everyone celebrating Halloween?

Today's outfit is one of those mash ups where I desperately attempt to make one of my summer dresses passably appropriate for autumn. I like to think I was successful on this occasion since I felt very warm and comfortable in this ensemble. My favourite part has to be the bow, which I've been wanting to style for a while now, but struggled to find the right outfit.

Like the gumball ring I shared last week, it's from the fabulous Dolly Darling. Possibly my favourite feature is the fact that the bow isn't attached to the band, so you can slip it on and off (or from the side to the centre) at will. It's ideal if you're like me and sometimes like to use bobby pins to secure bows to your head instead of wearing the alice band all day. It's such a well made piece and the fabric is just darling.

If you've fallen in love with Dolly Darling, keep in mind that you can get 15% off with the code 'BRIARROSE'.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The faces behind the October ads.

If I had to chose a favourite blog based purely on aesthetics, it would be Kailey's. Mermaidens is a sugar-coated fairyland of a blog, crammed full of pretty fondant colours and gorgeous vintage finds. Not only that, but Kailey is a an amazing illustrator with downright adorable personal flair. Her posts never fail to amaze and delight, and everything she does is with her own sweet spin.

Lisette is a lovely grounded lady with a pretty face and spot-on personal style. Whether she's posting fashion, beauty, or general lifestyle posts, she does so with an endearing honesty. You'll be romanced by her down to earth attitude and unfailing charm. She has an eye for a bargain and finds joy in the little things. Her blog is so heartwarming and beautiful.

Where to begin with Steph! Recently I've been lucky enough to meet and befriend some of my fellow bloggers, and Steph is one of those lovely ladies! She's one of the most charming, genuine girls I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and her fun loving, colourful personality comes across so well in every one of her blog posts. Her outfits are perfect, her hair is gorgeous, and her blog posts will brighten your day.

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you'll know that I simply adore all things Crown and Glory! The main lady herself, Sophie, has been so good to me, and I just love following the brand's journey. Over the past few months I've posted a plethora of their stunning glitter bows and floral headbands, however today I thought I'd share their downright adorable Halloween collection!

If you'd be interested in a November ad space, email me at

Monday, 22 October 2012

When you wish upon a star.


Just a quick outfit post today as I am utterly exhausted after my long weekend in London! It's been so much fun shooting with Mod Dolly and Sketchstreet, and I'm so excited to see the final images put to good use.

Today I took my new coat from Clothingloves for a spin. I don't wear nearly enough blue, despite it being one of my favourite colours, so I couldn't resist trying this coat out for size. I paired it with some simple but sweet separates, snug cream tights and my favourite new glitter bow from Crown and Glory. I tried out so many different glitter colours on Friday at the lookbook shoot, but this shade ('mermaid') is definitely one of my favourites!

I'm so content at the moment. I just love this time of year, with the fallen leaves and crisp air. It's so exciting seeing Halloween decorations popping and hearing about people's Christmas plans. I've been indulging in anything labelled 'salted caramel' (mmmm) and making plans for my birthday in December - I'm thinking an indulgent tea party with cocktails, glitter and festive treats.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Sequins and glitter and wigs - oh my!

Yesterday's lookbook shoot for Crown and Glory felt like Christmas. Not only did I get to spend the day with some of my favourite creative ladies, but there were all manner of pretty things floating around (including some lust-worthy frocks from Sugarhill Boutique and dozens of glittery hair accessories!). Our fabulous photographer for the day was Chloe Lee, who is a complete sweetheart to work with. I was modelling alongside the stunning Paige (of Paige Joanna), and on-hand to help with styling and direction were the lovely Steph (of Stephanie Dreams) and Rhiannon (of Vintage Style Me, who also bought some gorgeous vintage goodies to style!).

It was such a fun day, full of music, dancing, snort-laughs and squirrels. I won't give away too much about the final photos (I think there are more than enough teasers above!), however I'll make sure to share it with you when it's released! Working on something like this with a group of girls I now count among my friends was such a dream, it felt more like a day out than a photo shoot.

I'm modelling for another of my favourite brands this afternoon and tomorrow morning, so I'll have lots of photos to share with you soon!