Saturday, 28 January 2012

Earl grey and lemon.

Today has been pretty remarkable. Grant and I headed into town, shot this look in the park, then went to view a potential flat for next year. It's absolutely perfect; huge living area, newly fitted kitchen and an amazing sunken bath. The agency are holding it for us and we're signing on Monday, it's all very exciting. Celebration was in order, in the form of iced tea and Krispy Kreme.

I bought this dress for our engagement shoot, it was £15 from H&M. I wanted something simple, after all the focus of the shoot is Grant and I, not my outfit (for once)! I'm going to wear it with this headband from Poppy Daisy. Today I paired it with my navy lace trench coat from TopShop which I bought in December 2009 - it's aged very well! I pulled it all together with my new braided belt from Primark.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Denim, Docs and pastel pink.

Heart Print Dress - Primark
Denim Jacket - Love Label
Fleece Lined Doc Martens
Braided Belt - Primark
Pastel Pink Bag - Primark

My first city shoot, done on a rainy afternoon in one of Bath's parks. It was lovely and quiet, which made it easier and the park had some great urban backdrops - I'll definitely be returning! Grant and I went to Bristol yesterday to meet up with an old friend who goes to UWE. We had a great lunch at Frankie and Benny's, and got some shopping done around Cabot. I bought this dress and a few accessories in Primark, and a dress for our engagement shoot from H&M. I'll definitely be featuring it in a look soon.

Tomorrow we're going to view a potential flat for next year - fingers crossed it's a good one!

On a final note, I've entered Company magazine's 2012 Casting Call to appear in their reader's issue. If you could vote for me by 'liking' my entry I would hugely grateful! All you need is a Facebook account. It's a very exciting opportunity, and every vote counts...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

January lust haves from River Island.

I'm developing such an infatuation with River Island at the moment. I'm not quite sure what it is, but I've simply adored their collections over the past few seasons and they just continue to impress. Not to mention they make some of the most unbelievable skirts.

Here are my three top picks at the moment. Right now I can't afford to splash out on them (except maybe the cute bunny tank, how sweet is that little guy?), but a girl can dream...

Sometimes I'm wary of wearing too much monochrome in case I start to look dull and dreary, but then I see a striking monochrome piece like this and kick myself for ever thinking such a thing. It's so simple, but makes such a statement. I'd love to dress it up with teal accessories and a pair of retro sunglasses.

This is the same skirt I raved about in my last post, and I am still nothing short of utterly infatuated. I've never been one for combining a multitude of bright colours, but at this moment in time I would consider selling my soul in exchange for this skirt. I'd pair it with a plain tee and some simple black wedges and just let that stunning print do the talking!

This one is just downright cute. It also looks so simple to wear! I can see myself wearing this to uni on lazy days with my velvet leggings and Doc Martens. Comfy, but utterly adorable!

On a final note, I've entered Company magazine's 2012 Casting Call to appear in their reader's issue. If you could vote for me by 'liking' my entry I would hugely grateful! All you need is a Facebook account. It's a very exciting opportunity, and every vote counts...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bargain hunting.

I was brave today and did a bit of strict bargain hunting shopping! My rules were that something had to be at least half it's original price, and my limit was £40.

My first stop was my safe place - the sale corner at Urban Outfitters. Oh, the hours I have lost in that little cubby hole... I've been eyeing up this teal, gently pleated midi skirt for a while now, and it's finally been reduced from £55 to £20 - definitely less than half price! I snapped up the last small and it fits perfectly. Sorry for the lack of decent photo, I'm sure it will be featuring in a look soon enough.

The velvet body was an unexpected purchase. I found it at the back of one of the rails, all on it's lonesome, and fell in love with the fabric - isn't it just beautiful? £10 down from £26! I don't have the guts to wear it as a body, but I can't wait to try it under shorts and skirts, in particular I have a feeling it's going to look great with my faux leather skirt... Watch this space! I'm also planning on trying it out with my new skirt, I think the hints of blue in the body will look amazing against the teal.

My final, and perhaps most impressive find, is the playsuit on the left in the top photo. I found it in New Look, priced £25, but then discovered that the zip was faulty and there was some fraying around the buttons. It will take me no more than five minutes to alter, but I still decided I'd try and get a discount. I took it to the first cashier, who gave me an initial 50% discount, but then a senior intervened and knocked it down even further. With my student discount on top, it only cost me £3.50!

I'm definitely in the zone this week. On Thursday I'm going shopping in Bristol with my fiance and his friend, so I'll take my camera and we'll try and shoot a look on the streets - wish me luck! I can't wait to visit Primark, as much as I love Bath it's the one shop we're really missing.

I did have one moment of weakness today. Until today I wasn't convinced by the neon trend, however in River Island I saw the most beautiful skirt. It's a gorgeous light fabric with this weird and wonderful neon print - my description really doesn't do it justice! However it cost £40 so I had to put my foot down. Then again Valentines Day is approaching... Time to start practicing my puppy dog eyes!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Forest fairies.

'MEOW' Shirt - River Island
Spruce Pleated Skirt - American Apparel
Braided Belt - My Boyfriend's
Floral Headband - Poppy Daisy
Black Suede Wedges - New Look

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Bluebirds in the gallery.

It's reached that point in winter when I start preemptively shedding the layers and pretending it's spring! Who can really blame me? The weather was fairly mild today and I have a whole array of summer dresses screaming to escape the wardrobe.

This adorable print dress was a steal from Primark last May, and has never quite been given the spotlight it deserves. With my simple black wedges (New Look) and pretty floral headband (Poppy Daisy) I think this look achieves a nice harmony.

I've also redyed my hair. It's a little darker than it used to be, however I'm hoping it fades fairly quickly!

On a final note, I've entered Company magazine's 2012 Casting Call to appear in their reader's issue. If you could vote for me by 'liking' my entry I would hugely grateful! All you need is a Facebook account. It's a very exciting opportunity, and every vote counts...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Let be me your wings.

A couple of nights ago I had a midnight viewing of Thumbelina with a couple of friends from a writing forum which I've been frequenting for almost four years. It was such a laugh, we cued up the film on all of our laptops and started watching at the same time. We reminisced and did a very witty (if I do say so myself) running commentary. I've had fairies on the brain since, and I guess you can see that in this look!

I've been waiting for this lovely headband from Poppy Daisy to arrive since last weekend. I may be getting ahead of myself, but I think it'll be perfect for our engagement shoot in April! This is my third Poppy Daisy headband, see the other two here and here, but it's definitely my favourite. I love how it's packed with flowers.

I've had this dress (Primark) for almost two years. It's a lovely versatile design that can be styled for every season. For autumn and winter I pair it with thick black tights and chunky black shoes, then in spring and summer I'll wear it with ankle socks and light brogues.

The black suede wedges (New Look) are my newest pair of shoes. I wanted a pair of versatile and comfy heels for nights out, and these fitted the bill. They have a slight platform which gives a nice shape, however the heel is low enough for a tall girl like me not to become gargantuan.

On a final note, this afternoon I entered Company magazine's 2012 Casting Call to appear in their reader's issue. If you could vote for me by 'liking' my entry I would hugely grateful! All you need is a Facebook account. It's a very exciting opportunity, and every vote counts...

Check out my gallery and vote here.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

A diamond ring and an up-and-coming musician.

It's been a while since I've posted a general update without a look tacked onto it, but finally I have an opportunity to share a slice of my ever-hectic life with you.

These past couple of weeks I've been darting back and forth between Cornwall and Bath, trying to maintain some kind of strange balance between getting back into the swing of university and putting a few things in order at home. I've managed to steal two nights out since I returned to uni last Monday, both on Tuesday and both to '!Crash!' at Po Na Na. It's a great little club night; the smell of incense hangs in the air and the music is the perfect combination and indie, pop and dance. Both nights cost me £7 (with the help of my hip flask!) - £3 entry, £2 taxi and £2 for cheesy chips. I'm getting good at student budgeting.

I'd also like to (finally) share with you a photo of my lovely engagement ring. It's nine carat white gold with a gorgeous diamond, and quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever owned. Now that it's been re-sized it's a near perfect fit, and the only time you'll ever catch me without it is on nights out (it's too special to risk losing!).

In other engagement news, Grant and I have booked an engagement photo shoot for April. We wanted to wait for the weather to improve slightly and it also means that we can do it over our Easter break. We're going to be working with an amazing new photographer Olivia Bossert, who I've spent the past week emailing to try try and get some ideas in the works. I want the end result to be somewhat of a surprise, so watch this space! All I can tell you for now is that she is a great, ever-developing new talent and that I couldn't be more excited about working with her.

Speaking of new talents, I'd also like to introduce you to another remarkable young lady. Miss Daisy Rain and I went to the same secondary school, and people were forever telling us how similar we looked. It was only last summer that I finally had the pleasure of meeting her properly (see the photo below), and she really is a lovely girl. She's a singer and lyricist who has been working so so over the past few years, and it would be wonderful if you could check her out - I promise you will not be disappointed by her voice! Not to mention, this girl is far from a one trick pony; she's also a very talented model. Right now she's going from strength to strength and any support would definitely be appreciated.

Hopefully I'll be back this weekend with a new look or two. Also, I've been expecting something rather special in the post which I can't wait to share!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Burgundy veins.

This cardigan has really seen me through the cold winter months, and the 'gun metal' key pendant was a lovely little Christmas present from my parents. This is the kind of thing I wear to and from uni on busy days when I haven't the time nor enthusiasm to throw something more creative together.

VelvetDress - TopShop
Cardigan - Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters
Scarf - River Island
Patent Bow Pumps - London Rebel
Gun Metal Key Pendant - ASOS

Friday, 13 January 2012

Toys in the attic.

I've been back at uni this week, however after the unforeseen offer a lift back to Cornwall I decided that it might do me some good to just breath this weekend after what has been a pretty non-stop week.

On Monday I finished uni around midday, but followed it up with some shopping with a few friends from uni who I hadn't seen since before Christmas. Everyone was very excited to see my ring and to hear how the proposal had happened - the story earned many squeals of excitement! Whilst we were shopping I picked up this skirt from H&M using a £20 gift card my aunt sent me for Christmas. I've been looking for a faux leather skirt for this like ages, so it was just meant to be.

I ended up going out on both Monday and Tuesday, which was knackering but it's also kicked the year off to a great start. The combination of shopping, nights out and Student Union breakfasts has reminded me of all the best things about being at uni, in turn taking the edge off a slight bout of home sickness.

My last couple of looks have been fairly muted, so I wanted to follow up with something a bit more fun and vibrant. I hope this fits the bill!

Friday, 6 January 2012

I love my camel cape.

Blouse - New Look
Velvet Leggings - New Look
Camel Cape - Miss Selfridge
Heels - New Look

Blouse - New Look
Skirt - Gentle Fawn
Necklace - TopShop
Tights - New Look
Camel Cape - Miss Selfridge
Heels - New Look

My 'natural' make up look.

On Lookbook I often receive compliments on my complexion, and whilst the kind words do make me smile they're not always entirely accurate. It's not that I cake on my make up, in fact that's hardly the case, however  since I got my first taste of concealer aged fourteen I've been practicing and playing with all sorts of creams and powders, striving to achieve that perfect porcelain finish. I may not be quite there yet, however I have manged to tailor myself a natural looking make up regime which evens out my skin tone without looking too cakey.

I am fairly blessed. I've never suffered too badly with spots, and as long as I'm using a decent moisturiser my skin never gets too dry or patchy, however I do suffer from dark circles around my eyes and my skin tone is somewhat uneven.

This is my usual day-to-day look, and what you see in most of my photos. I used to need flicky gel eyeliner before my make up felt complete, however now I'll go for a more modest bold brow to define my face.

These are my desert island products, going from left to right.

- L'Oreal True Match liquid foundation in Rose Ivory
- Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
Bourjois Blusher in Cendre de Rose Brune
- NYC Eye Liner in white
- A felt tipped liquid eyeliner
- L'Oreal Made For Me Lip Blush in Berry Blush

I apply my foundation using my fingers, as personally I find the natural body heat makes the liquid easier to work with. I apply a thin, even layer all over my face, blending at the edges, and then pat an additional layer around my eyes to mask my dark circles and any other blemishes. I set the liquid base with a dusting of pressed powder, using a large, soft brush.

Using a slightly smaller brush, I apply the blusher beneath my cheekbones and into the hollows of my cheeks using an even, circular motion. I also apply it beneath my jaw line to narrow and contour my face. I blend the blush well using my larger powder brush.

I apply the white eye liner liberally to my waterline. This widens and brightens my eyes, as well as working to counteract my dark circles. I picked this trick up from an air hostess aunt and it really works a treat.

I curl my lashes, holding them for thirty seconds before applying two coats of mascara to my upper lashes, and one layer to my lower lashes. I apply a couple of extra layers to my outer lashes to widen my eyes.

I shape my eyebrows using a specialised brush, set them with clear mascara, then tint and define them using the liquid eyeliner pen. My brows are naturally mousy brown, so tinting them black makes them stand out better against my hair.

Finally I use my Berry Blush Lipstick - it's my default, fail safe lip product. It's like a more intense, polished shade of my natural lip colour.

And there you have it, my day-to-day 'natural' make up look! I might do some more looks in the future, but this is generally the base I use regardless of the occasion. I'll just add a gel eyeliner flick or some red lipstick.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stripe fixation.

Striped Blouse - New Look
Velvet Leggings - New Look
Fleece Lined Doc Martens
Necklace - TopShop

Jump over the candlestick.

Hi-Low Blouse - New Look
Dress (worn as skirt) - TopShop
Necklace - A gift from my fiancé's mum
Suspender Tights - New Look
Heels - New Look

Monday, 2 January 2012

Flash a smile, 2012.

My first look of 2012, and I'm wearing jeans! This is a very rare occurrence for me, so I never spend much money on my denim - these ones cost me £6 from New Look with my student discount. I bought the scarf in last years January sales, and the shirt was an impulse buy from River Island a few months ago.

I'm going to do the sales tomorrow with my sister and mum, so hopefully I'll have some new bits and pieces to share with you - fingers crossed!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Resolutions for 2012.

Here are my resolutions (if that's what you would call them) for the year ahead.

1. Start saving - for when we eventually get married, and for travelling and flat deposits. I'm going to put away disposable chunks of my student loan and pick up my old job over summer ironing and cleaning holiday lets.
2. Start learning French again - in the interest of spending a year in Paris after graduating university. I'm considering teaching English or doing something else that would look good on my CV.
3. Take a trip to Paris with Grant - and perhaps visit Disneyland again to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement.
4. Write another novel manuscript - I need to expand my portfolio, and quite simply the more I write, the better my writing will be. I'm still clinging to the unlikely possibility that I might get published before I'm out of uni.
5. Lose a stone - I've put on half a stone over Christmas (I know, it's appalling) so whilst losing that I might as well shift more of the extra weight I've been carrying. No doubt I'll start regular detoxes once I'm back in Bath.

Happy new year, everyone! I wish you all a prosperous and happy twelve months.