Sunday, 16 December 2012

Guest post, Kailey of Mermaiens.

Today's guest poster is the ever so creative Kailey,
who happens to be one of my favourites bloggers and a
constant source of inspiration. Today she's been lovely
enough to share some of her DIY wizardry in the form
of this glittery star headband tutorial - enjoy!

Megan x

Hello Briar Rose readers! I'm Kailey from Mermaidens and I'm here to show you how to make a sparkley
star headband - perfect for Christmas and New Year's parties!

You'll Need:
- Paper Trimmer (or anything else that cuts in a straight line)
- Ruler
- Craft Glue
- An Old Paint Brush
- A 8 x 11 sheet of white paper
- Headband
- Glitter!

First, you will need to cut strips of paper measuring 8.5" x 0.5" to create origami stars out of. I would suggest watching some Youtube tutorials and reading some tutorials, and practice practice practice! Though they can be tricky to figure out at first, they really aren't that difficult and can be really fun to make (I began making them at age 12 and loved them so much I ended up making 1000+)!

I made seven paper starts and began painting glitter unto each one. You can use any color glitter, but I'm using silver. Be sure to let each layer dry before adding another one. I had to add quite a few layers to get the right amount of sparkle!

Begin to oh so carefully glue each star onto the headband starting from the center. This is kind of tricky because you do not want the stars to dry at an angle!

 Once you have attached each star, be sure to let it dry overnight - then, volia! A silver star headband!


  1. You two are two of my favorite bloggers =) This is such a fun diy, will be trying it out soon!

  2. thanks for sharing! i really love this idea :3

  3. This is completely adorable - I love Kailey's blog!

    Emily Wears Things

  4. awww this is so cute, love it! <3 x

  5. Oh my goodness Kailey this is adorable! Totally am going to try and make one. <3
    xo, Tori

  6. What a great idea! I'm gonna look for my gold paint and try this!

  7. This is amazing! I seriously want to try this!! <3

  8. This is perfect for New Years!